How to add favicon on WordPress?

A favicon is an icon displayed on the browser tab just above the address bar, next to the site’s name when someone bookmarked your site.

People add them to give better user experience, since its easier to recognise an icon or a logo vs reading a site’s name, which sometime can be cut-of.

Adding a Favicon on a non-Wordpress site needs you to do some a bit of coding, but in WordPress world users are very spoiled, everything gas GUI here.

To add a Favicon to your WordPress site:

  1. Login your WordPress site.
  2. Go to “Appearance” -> “Themes” select your active template and then click the “Customise” button.
  3. You will be then forward to a page where you can edit you basic template settings. Where you need to go is “site identity” section.
  4. Just below the navigation, click “site icon” button.
  5. Select or upload an image, crop the image, then do not forget to click “publish” then refresh your page. Thats it!.

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