How to edit your Shopify e-commerce’s site metadata information for SEO

Metadata data are pieces of information that you put to your webpage to provide your audience and search engine to know more about your page.

To Google and other search engines, this is more than just knowing more about a certain page but is a factor on SEO.

By default, a webpage should have at least a “title” and a “description”.

On a custom webpage, you add these manually by code, but good thing Shopify provides a code-free solution. But on Shopify editing metadata does not live on a certain page. Let’s see what I mean below:

To edit the homepage metadata:

  1. Login to admin
  2. Go to Online Store -> Preferences -> Title and Meta Description block
Shopify Homepage metadata

To edit Collections page metadata:
Collection page is the main landing page of all your products.

  1. Login to admin
  2. Go to Products -> Collections
  3. Create a new collection called “all” (fig.1)
  4. Below the condition section, add a price condition and set it to greater than zero (0.00) so this will pull all products. (fig.2)
  5. Then at the very bottom the metadata section.
Shopify add product collection
Shopify edit collection condition
Shopify edit metadata section

To edit a blog, page or a product metadata:

  • Login to admin
  • Go to edit blog, page or product then go to SEO section.

Thats it!

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