Requiring www redirect on WordPress with Cloudflare provided ssl results in infinite loop

Had recently worked on a WordPress site that needs requiring www and SSL on all their URL.

So, this looks easy to set up in Cloudflare and I had done this before but this has resulted in an infinite loop.

So I started searching over Google and find tons of fix, that I did try and failed. It’s so frustrating because we did this number of times and is working with non-Wordpress sites.

But after numerous testing, all we need to do to make this work is:
1. Update domain in WordPress’ dashboard->settings to contain www.

2. Second, create a page rule in Cloudflare that sets all URL force SSL.

you’ll see “/*” right after the domain, its a wildcard, this denotes all other subpages e.g. (/about-us, /contacts, /products), to make sure all URLs will force SSL.

Currently, this works fine on WordPress 5, let me know if you have a better solution 🙂

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